i preffer be annonymous(you can know me as: TheSxW) but if you hardly want to contact me write to: thesxw@gmail.com

Discord for talking and Configs: https://discord.gg/rxqmXM3


 - Next changes about autoresize main window to your Webbrowser height.  - Fix showing style at GoogleChrome, Mozilla, Opera.
 - Adding Batch file commands that are quite help for users/gamers.
 - Still working on screenshots tab
 - SubTab Apb Reloaded
    *Process Tweaks
    *Mouse Fix
    *More FPS Setup
    *Stable 30 FPS
 - SubTab GTAV
    *Adding only websites where are some config explanation

 - SubTab Diablo 3
    *What to change to get more fps ingame
 - SubTab Smite
    *What to change to get stable FPS
    *Smooth frame rate use only if u have less than 80 FPS
 - SubTab Warframe
    *What to change to get more FPS with nice graphical look
    *This game is insanely tweak (more FPS than i expected), but earth was not fixed or even more crashed.